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Maryland Deed Drafting: Maryland In-Take Sheet Distinction Between Non-Arms Length and Arms Length Transaction

When a Maryland property deed is filed, the filing county requires an in-take sheet along with the Deed. Some counties have their own special in-take sheets (for example, Baltimore City) while others use the standard state of Maryland in-take sheet. One of the questions on the in-take sheet is whether the property transaction is a non-arms length transaction or an arms length transaction.

Most real estate transactions are considered arms length transactions. This means that the grantor (seller) and grantee (purchaser) are acting independently and are not related to each other. In a non-arms length transaction, the parties have a relationship such that it could create an influence on the sale price, or the grantor or grantee was under duress to buy or sell.

In Maryland a gift of property, foreclosure, tax sale and confirmatory deed, are all considered non-arms length transactions of real estate.

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