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Maryland Estate Planning Terms Defined

If you’re new to estate planning, you might feel overwhelmed. Any legal process can feel intimidating. In this post we will briefly define several key terms to give you a broader understanding of the subject so that, when you do decide to put an estate plan in place, you will have a better foundation.   […]

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What Happens to Your Mail After You Die?

Unless the Post Office is informed of a person’s death, mail will continue to be delivered to the decedent’s address. If you are the Personal Representative (or Executor), it will be necessary to continue receiving mail until all financial or business matters have been settled. However, a time will come when you will want to […]

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What Are the Inheritance Rights of Adopted and Step-Children in Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, adoptive children lose all inheritance rights from their biological parents but gain full inheritance rights from their adoptive parents. If an adopted child is left out of a will, Maryland’s intestacy laws are used to determine the adoptive child’s share.   Step-children do not acquire inheritance rights from their adoptive […]

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Are My Maryland Health Care Directives Valid in Another State?

While most states make provisions for accepting health (or advanced) care directives from other states, some states only do so with states having similar legal requirements. Some states may use different terminology around what health care directives mean. Requirements pertaining to life support procedures, for instance, can differ from state to state. While it is […]

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How Do I Establish Domestic Partnership to Avoid Property Deed Transfer Taxes in Maryland?

If you are considering adding or removing a domestic partner from a property deed, and would like to avoid transfer taxes, you will need to provide proof of domestic partnership. Maryland state law allows for eleven ways to prove domestic partnership.    1. A joint housing lease or joint liability for a mortgage or other […]

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What Are Life Estate Deeds in Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, a property owner can designate beneficiaries on real property by preparing a Life Estate Deed. This is an effective way to avoid probate and retain tax benefits. There are two types of Life Estate Deeds.   A Life Estate Without Powers is a deed whereby the property owner (or Grantor) […]

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How Do I Change My Resident Agent in Maryland?

At some point you may have reason to change your company’s resident agent. To do so, you will need to login to your business account at the Maryland Business Express website where you can access the Change Resident Agent form. This document must be submitted by mail or in person. The cost is $25.00. If […]

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What Is a Maryland Resident Agent?

A Maryland resident agent is a person designated by a Maryland business to act as the company’s publicly identified point of contact to receive and forward official documents or notices on behalf of the company.   State law requires any company lacking a physical address in Maryland to designate a resident agent. In addition to […]

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Why You Should Talk to Your Parents About Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is something many families are inclined to put off however careful planning for the future can protect property and assets, as well as loved ones. An estate plan is not simply a matter of drafting a will; it is also a kindness to the surviving family members because it can relieve stress, help […]

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How Do I Sell My House with a Reverse Mortgage in Maryland?

Simply put, a reverse mortgage is a loan that can be repaid at any time without penalty. Selling a home with a reverse mortgage is not unlike selling a home with a standard mortgage, but there are some key differences to keep in mind. If you are selling your home with a reverse mortgage, here […]

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