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Maryland Probate Attorney: Maryland Probate Law, Probate Fees in Maryland

www.reichertlegal.comThe state of Maryland charges a probate fee for processing an estate through probate. The fee is calculated based on the total gross estate. However, this is not the only fee. Maryland will charge additional probate fees for entering claims and caveat papers, receiving copies of documents and letters of administration, among other administrative fees. Maryland probate fees are deductible on the estate’s tax return.




Estate Value
At Least          But Less Than    Fee
$0                  $10,000             $50
$10,000          $20,000             $100
$20,000          $50,000             $150
$50,000          $75,000             $200
$75,000          $100,000            $300
$100,000        $250,000            $400
$250,000        $500,000            $500
$500,000        $750,000            $750
$750,000        $1,000,000         $1,000
$1,000,000     $2,000,000         $1,500
$2,000,000     $5,000,000         $2,500
$5,000,000 ————— $2,500 plus .02% of excess over $5,000,000


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