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What is a Tangled Title and What Can I Do About It?

A tangled title is a term used when you have inherited a home but the deed has not been legally transferred into your name. This may cause several difficulties, both practically and financially. For example, you may run into problems setting up utilities, obtaining a homeowner’s insurance policy, or taking out a home equity line of credit. 


If the homeowner listed on the deed was the sole owner untangling a title is a fairly simple process, especially if the previous owner left a will specifying who inherits the property. In this case, the property must go through probate after which a new deed is drafted and recorded. However the probate process can be complicated, lengthy, and potentially expensive if there is no will or if multiple heirs have an ownership claim, in which case intrafamily conflicts can arise.


Each situation is different so you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney about the best way to move forward.


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