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What is a Tangled Title and What Can I Do About It?

A tangled title is a term used when you have inherited a home but the deed has not been legally transferred into your name. This may cause several difficulties, both practically and financially. For example, you may run into problems setting up utilities, obtaining a homeowner’s insurance policy, or taking out a home equity line […]

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How Do I Fix an Imperfect Deed in Maryland?

Imperfect deeds can impact a title and, consequently, your rights of ownership. Common errors that render a deed imperfect include insufficient legal descriptions, incorrect or misspelled names, missing witnesses, or the lack of a notary stamp.   While the original deed in Maryland cannot be amended, a confirmatory deed can be executed and recorded, providing […]

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Common Maryland Deeds Described in Plain Language

A Deed is a legal document confirming ownership of a piece of real estate, such as land or a house. The three most common deeds in Maryland are a General Warranty Deed, a Special Warranty Deed, and a Quitclaim Deed.   In a General Warranty Deed the grantor (or seller) declares that the property title […]

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