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Baltimore Landlord Tenant Lawyer: What You Should Do If Your Tenant Leaves Without Paying Rent And Causes Damage

Maryland Attorney Stephen J. Reichert,, copyrights, business, property deeds, estate planning, property tax appealsThere is no one size fits all approach to tenant problems such as the one posed in this article, though the following provides steps you should consider. That said, these should be reviewed by a landlord attorney to ensure you are not violating current Maryland law, while doing everything you can to recover unpaid rent and damages.

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1. Provide the former tenant written notice that you will withhold the security deposit as a result of the damage. That notice must be itemized, and must be served within 45 days from the date the tenant left the property.

2. You should repair the damage, clean the property, and take reasonable steps to re-rent the property. Keep detailed records and receipts of all of your efforts.

3. Have an attorney—who will often use a private investigator—track down the tenant’s new address and file a claim against the tenant in district court. Once your attorney has served the tenant with a summons and obtained a trial date, your attorney will present evidence of breach of lease in court and obtain a judgment against the former tenant.

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