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What Does Maryland Intestate Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Intestate is when a person dies without a valid will. When this happens in Maryland, the state decides how to distribute any property or asset inheritance, including how much each family member will receive.


According to Maryland Intestacy Laws, your surviving spouse will receive half of your estate, while your surviving children receive the other half, divided equally. If you have children and are no longer married, your estate will be distributed to your children equally. If you are neither married nor have children, your estate would be distributed to your parents, followed by our siblings.


If you are in a long-term, unmarried relationship without a will, your partner will receive nothing under Maryland law.


Creating a will not only ensures that your estate will be distributed the way you would like it to be; it can also mitigate confusion or disputes among family members. While creating a will is typically simple and inexpensive, a valid will must meet certain legal standards. We recommend contacting an experienced attorney to assist you in this process.


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