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Can you get a speeding ticket while riding a bicycle?

I answered this question today over at Hopes&Fears. Thanks to Jared Fischer for the invite and interview! For a free, confidential conversation to discuss this and other legal matters, contact Maryland attorney Stephen J. Reichert at 410-299-4959, or by clicking here.

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Gaithersburg, Maryland Estate Planning Lawyer: File Your Will in Gaithersburg, Md. & Montgomery County

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Maryland allows Wills to be filed with the county in which you live. As an estate planning attorney, I have encountered clients in Maryland who have failed (or their attorney failed) to file their Will with the county. This is a critical final step in the Will creation process as it ensures safe keeping and […]

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Baltimore Attorney: Recovering Attorney Fees in Maryland

When considering civil legal action, a common question arises: “will I be able to recover my legal fees?” In Maryland, for most civil cases the answer is “no.” Maryland, like many states, follows the rule that requires each party pays their own legal fees regardless of who is victorious. There are some exceptions to this […]

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