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Frederick Title Company: Frederick County Property Deed Transfer Requirements

Frederick_County_Maryland_LawyerThere are several important steps and decisions that must be made when properly filing a Maryland real estate deed. Besides all of the state requirements, Frederick County, Maryland deed filings have the additional requirement:

โ€œ(vii) Frederick County, Maryland โ€“ pay all outstanding municipal taxes and charges, including water bills, if property is in City of Frederick if property is in Frederick County and serviced by county water and sewer, must submit deed to County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management to confirm water/sewer bills paid up if transferred property is a subdivision of a larger tract, must pay all outstanding public taxes, assessments and charges due on the larger tract and have the municipal tax collector show that all such taxes have been paid by endorsing the deed [RP ยง 3-104(f)(5)].โ€

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Also Relevant Under Maryland Law

“No deed, mortgage, or deed of trust may be recorded unless it bears the certification of an attorney at law that the instrument has been prepared by an attorney or under an attorney’s supervision, or a certification that the instrument was prepared by one of the parties named in the instrument.”