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Maryland Probate, Duty to Protect Property

Maryland Tax Assessment AppealAs the Personal Representative (aka executor) of a Maryland estate, you are required to protect and maintain the assets of the estate. Among many other duties this includes protecting any real estate. According to a local insurance company water damage due to frozen pipes is the most frequent claim and damage done to property in Maryland. As the Personal Representative administering the estate you should consider taking the following steps to help prevent damage to the house:

1. Set your thermostat to at least 60 degrees throughout the house during extended sub-freezing temperatures.

2. Leave bathroom or kitchen cabinet doors, that run along outside walls, open so that warmer air can circulate through them.

3. Exterior faucets for hoses and irrigation should be shut off from inside the home.

4. Still water freezes faster than running water. During periods of low usage and on frigid nights, turn on a faucet at the highest point in the home. Keep the stream low, so that only a small amount can trickle through any section of pipes running through cold spaces.

5. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period, arrange for someone to check the house regularly. Make sure the location of the main water shut-off valve is well known.

If you have a frozen pipe: Call your plumber immediately. Once a pipe thaws, there is a chance it could burst.

Permanent steps you can take:

1. Install an automatic shut-off system designed to stop leaking water when water accumulation is detected. Your plumber can help you with this. We can also get you a list of devices.

2. Add several ‘low-temperature sensors’ to your central station alarm system, especially in remote areas of your home.

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