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Maryland Probate Lawyer: The Process of Transferring a House, Included in a Will, after Death

Maryland Tax Assessment AppealThis can be done quickly by a local attorney. You should work with an attorney who is knowledgeable with the process in Maryland as the in-take requirements have recently changed in some locations such as Baltimore. A lien cert may also need to be ordered, but this should be handled by your attorney. As your attorney I will draft a Personal Representative Deed, which will be signed by the PR of the estate when they are authorized to do so. I will confirm with the estate that the distribution is ripe and thus the Deed can be signed. You do not want to transfer the property until allowed to do so by probate. The type of deed will depend on the prior deeds filed for the property–warranty, special warranty, no warranty, ground rent, etc. I will review the prior deeds and draft the appropriate deed for the property. I will also sign and file the deed for the estate. Once recorded, the deed will be returned to my office which will scan/index the deed for records and send you the original. The state should (sometimes they do not, but usually they do) also e-index a copy of the deed.

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