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Who Needs to Sign a Maryland Quit Claim Deed? Baltimore, Maryland Deed Drafting and Deed Recording Services.

Deed_Drafting_Recording_Maryland_AttorneyThe Deed must be signed by the Grantor (the person transferring their property interest) but does not require the signature of the Grantee.

Under Maryland law there are many different Deeds that can be created. When having a Deed created do not simply be talked into creating a Quit Claim Deed. Using the wrong Deed can have terrible consequences.

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Here is a list of some of the deeds options available under Maryland law: fee simple deed, leasehold deed, deed in Lieu, confirmatory deed, special warranty deed, general warranty deed, regular purchase & sale deed, short-sale deed, life-estate deed with powers, life-estate deed without powers, personal representative deed, guardian deed, quitclaim deed, tenancy-in-common deed, spousal transfer deed, joint tenancy deed, tenancy-by-the-entireties deed, deed pursuant to separation and/or divorce, mixed tenancy deed, and tax-sale and ground-rent redemption deed.

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