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Modifying: Maryland Deed vs. Mortgage

Deed_Drafting_Recording_Maryland_AttorneyWhile adding a name to a Maryland property deed can be done by filing a new property deed (often referred to as “property title”) with the county, you need to check first with your lender to see if doing so will trigger early payment or penalties. In other words, sometimes the lender agreement prohibits transferring interest in real property–including adding someone to that interest–without consent from the lender. Additionally, there are specific county regulations that must be followed when drafting and filing a deed, including obtaining a lien certificate and properly listing tax exemptions (if they apply). For this you should consult an attorney.

Adding someone else to the mortgage isn’t so much a legal question as it is a question for your lender. They will have a policy in place, from the agreement you signed with them, as to how and if someone can be added to the loan.

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