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How Do I Change My Resident Agent in Maryland?

At some point you may have reason to change your company’s resident agent. To do so, you will need to login to your business account at the Maryland Business Express website where you can access the Change Resident Agent form. This document must be submitted by mail or in person. The cost is $25.00. If […]

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What Is a Maryland Resident Agent?

A Maryland resident agent is a person designated by a Maryland business to act as the company’s publicly identified point of contact to receive and forward official documents or notices on behalf of the company.   State law requires any company lacking a physical address in Maryland to designate a resident agent. In addition to […]

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Should I Transfer My Rental Investment Into an LLC?

If you are a property investor or thinking of becoming one, you may or may not be familiar with the benefits of forming an LLC. Purchasing property under your own name can expose you personally if the property is ever subject to liens, judgements, or lawsuits. Forming an LLC is a wise  way to protect […]

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Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses are Eligible for a Property Tax Exemption in Maryland

As you know, the state of Maryland provides many benefits to veterans of the Armed Services. If you are a disabled veteran, you may be eligible for a complete tax exemption on your property. There are no filing deadlines, so you are free to apply at any time. If you are the surviving spouse of […]

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What is a Notice of Probate for a Maryland Resident?

A notice of probate is a document containing information about the deceased person’s estate and upcoming court proceedings. The personal representative of the estate is responsible for sending the notice of probate to any heirs, creditors, or beneficiaries. If any of the interested parties do not receive a notice of probate, they may not be […]

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How Do I Fix an Imperfect Deed in Maryland?

Imperfect deeds can impact a title and, consequently, your rights of ownership. Common errors that render a deed imperfect include insufficient legal descriptions, incorrect or misspelled names, missing witnesses, or the lack of a notary stamp.   While the original deed in Maryland cannot be amended, a confirmatory deed can be executed and recorded, providing […]

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