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Common Maryland Deeds Described in Plain Language

A Deed is a legal document confirming ownership of a piece of real estate, such as land or a house. The three most common deeds in Maryland are a General Warranty Deed, a Special Warranty Deed, and a Quitclaim Deed.   In a General Warranty Deed the grantor (or seller) declares that the property title […]

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What Does Maryland Intestate Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Intestate is when a person dies without a valid will. When this happens in Maryland, the state decides how to distribute any property or asset inheritance, including how much each family member will receive.   According to Maryland Intestacy Laws, your surviving spouse will receive half of your estate, while your surviving children receive the […]

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How Much Will the Court Allow For Funeral Expenses in Maryland?

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If you have been designated the personal representative of an estate, you probably know that you are responsible for making sure all funeral expenses are paid. However, you may not know what expenses fall under this category. According to Maryland law, within six months’ time, the personal representative of an estate is required pay expenses […]

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Must I Open a Maryland Probate Estate if the Only Asset is a Motor Vehicle?

If the motor vehicle is co-owned, and the other owner is alive, then the vehicle will not be subject to a probate estate. However, if the vehicle is in the decedent’s name only, with no surviving co-owner, then a probate estate is necessary. If the vehicle is worth less than $50,000 then a small estate […]

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Letters of Administration for Foreign Small Estate in Baltimore City

If property is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and needs to be transferred via an estate opened in another state, a Foreign Proceeding must be opened. When a Foreign Small Estate is opened in Baltimore City the Register of Wills Office does not issue a Letter of Administration as they would in a regular Small Estate. […]

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Will This Property Need to go Through Probate in Maryland?

If the deed states “…grant and convey unto the said John and Jane as tenants by the entireties, their heirs and assigns in fee simple…” does the property go through probate or convey to the heirs? I would want to review the entire deed, but given just this language in a Maryland deed, in short: […]

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How Long Do Creditors Have to Bill an Estate in Maryland?

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In Maryland, the creditors have six (6) months to file a claim. The bill must be sent to the Personal Representative and filed with the Register of Wills. If you are a Personal Representative of an estate and waiting for a bill from the hospital or other creditor, it might be a good idea to […]

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Common Area Deeds in Harford County, Maryland, No Longer Require a Lien Sheet

Lien sheets will no longer be required for Common Area Deeds in Harford County, Maryland.   No research on outstanding balances due from the owner will be completed. All other types of Deed transfers will require a lien sheet prior to processing. If a deed is presented without a lien sheet, the presenter must provide […]

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My Spouse Died Without a Will in Maryland, Can I Manage Their Estate?

In Maryland, if you are married at the time of your spouse’s death, then you may have an interest in being the personal representative of the estate and inheriting their property. However, if your spouse has adult children, they may also have a property interest. Or, there may be a shared property interest depending on […]

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Can I Finance my Child’s Home Mortgage in Maryland?

Depending on the mortgage you are hoping to finance, there are a few ways this could work. For example, if the current property is deeded under your daughter’s name but you simply want to pay the monthly payments on her behalf and she will pay you back as if you were a bank, then this […]

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